Animal Nature

Animal Nature
Online pet shop

Task & challenge

Switching a traditional business to electronic is never easy, but luckily our development team is equipped with the latest technologies on the market, delivering both animal and human-friendly front and back-end designs to life. Our friends over at Animal Nature now enjoy a superb digital experience that is fast, functional and always on.

  • Data migration
  • Corporate identity
  • UX

Multiple categories

The key to designing and setting up a go-to online pet shop requires a system with a variety of products, a large number of categories, smart filters, online shop and a blog for veterinarians. This custom solution will capture and convert target audience, and increase the brand's marketing initiatives for today and tomorrow.

Smart Filter

To enhance user experience onsite, we integrated a smart filter that scans web content in real time and classifies it by category to provide better and narrower results. The filter widget also allows users to limit the visibility of features in a layer.

Ask the vet

If you have a pet health question or concern, Animal Nature can help you after submitting a question to its chief veterinarian. While working on a customer-friendly design, our client and we wanted to make sure everyone has reliable information in regard to health, behavior, and nutrition of their pets.