Media Plus

Media Plus
Digital production company

Task & challenge

Bringing in innovation while modernizing a video production site is always a challenge. By implementing user specific and tailored inferface mechanics, we managed to deliver perfect usability and enhance the overall digital experience, so that our clients can push their limits and bolster their future efforts even further. The main accent while redesigning a digital production company was to emphasize its strong corporate identity and also help it achieve long-term objectives on a global scale.

  • Data migration
  • Corporate identity
  • UX

Key Facts

Reimagining the entire digital transformation of Media Plus online required a special focus on the directors, services, API integration and video optimization, which are also the key ingredients for stronger branding, web design and further website development.


Developing an app or a website for this Digital Production Company comes down to 3 main languages: JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Although it may sound complicated, once you start reshaping the digital presence with cutting-edge video and design, understanding web technology such as the implemented PHP 7.4 as well as TYPO3 and the way they work becomes significantly easier.